Overview of DUI Sobriety Tests

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If you have failed a sobriety test, do not take this as an indication that you will be convicted of drunk driving and do not assume that it will be undeniable evidence that can be used against you in court. In fact, as skilled and knowledgeable Bakersfield DUI lawyers, we know how to challenge the results of a sobriety test or chemical test even if the test was failed or the result was above the legal limit of 0.08%.

Are sobriety test results reliable?

Unlike blood tests for example, field sobriety tests are subject to the opinion of the officer who arrested you. If the officer had a predisposition or arrested you on unfounded evidence, this is a severe act of professional - and legal - misconduct that may be used to your advantage as part of your defense.

Even blood tests, however, can be unreliable if improperly administered or handled. We work hard to establish the unreliability of sobriety test results so that you can move forward after an arrest with your rights, reputation, and freedom still about you.

Common defenses to a failed sobriety test can include the following:

  • Unreliable findings
  • Physical or mental impairments that may have caused incriminating test results
  • Officer movement or inattention
  • Unsuitable attire that caused inability to move properly
  • Improper timing of the result
  • Unfair environmental conditions, including weather or time of day or poor lighting
  • Non-standardized testing
  • Non-alcohol related causes for coordination failures
  • Incorrect, unclear, or vague instructions

It is against the law in California to refuse a sobriety test or participation in a chemical test. You should always remain cooperative with a law enforcement officer; however, you also have certain legal rights after being arrested for failing or refusing a test. Too often, police officers make hurried arrests based on faulty evidence, and we are dedicated to making certain that our clients do not fall victim to an erroneous arrest.

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