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You May Be Protected Under Proposition 36

With the passage of Proposition 36, state laws changed to allow certain individuals who have been arrested for a non-violent drug crime - such as medical marijuana possession - to receive probation instead of jail time. Under this statute, the individual can attend alternative sentencing programs, including the completion of a community drug treatment program, rather than serving a jail time sentence, paying expensive fines, or other penalties.

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Types of Medical Marijuana Crimes in California

If you require the use of medical marijuana, our Bakersfield criminal defense lawyers can protect your rights. If you need assistance proving that you have a medical marijuana health card, recovering any medical marijuana that was seized illegally by the police, or dealing with authorities such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations or Drug Enforcement Administration, we are here for you.

Speak with our California drug crime attorneys as soon as possible if you or a loved one is facing a medical marijuana offense charge in California involving any of the following:

  • Medical marijuana possession
  • Illegal use of medical marijuana
  • Possession of medical marijuana with the intent to sell
  • Medical marijuana cultivation
  • Medical marijuana transportation or distribution

No matter what type of medical marijuana offense you were accused of committing, we are adept at creating a compelling case on your behalf. We know that this time may seem scary but we reassure you that, with the right representation on your side, you could have defenses available to you.

Our Bakersfield Drug Crime Lawyers Know Your Rights

Oftentimes, it is the story of the law enforcement officer that is the side most loudly heard, but we believe that your side of the story needs to be heard in a court of law. From arranging alternative sentencing with a district attorney to providing full defense representation, we are not afraid to go the distance on your behalf to secure the best possible resolution.

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*'Success' means that the original violation that the officer or district attorney charged our client with was dismissed. In many cases the charge(s) were dismissed altogether. In other cases our clients were found not guilty after trial. In other cases our clients pled to lesser offenses, usually with "0" point resolutions.

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