What Expunction Could Mean for You

When a person is arrested or convicted of a crime, the incident is recorded on his or her permanent criminal record. Criminal records are available for public viewing, making applying for a job, a university scholarship, or a loan incredibly difficult. When you want to seal your criminal record from public view, you may be able to do so through the process of expungement.

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Determining Eligibility for Expungement in California

It would be ideal for most people to seal every criminal record, but only certain individuals are eligible for expungement. We want to help our clients through the difficult and complex process of expungement, especially if they were wrongfully arrested or convicted.

In the state of California, you may be eligible for expungement if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • You were arrested for a misdemeanor offense
  • You successfully completed a court-ordered probation sentence in its entirety
  • You are not currently charged with a criminal offense
  • You are not currently serving a probation sentence for a criminal offense
  • You are not currently serving a sentence for a criminal offense

Having a record expunged can be a great relief for anyone who has been arrested or convicted of a misdemeanor crime. We can also represent commercial drivers and others who must maintain a clean record to keep their professional licenses.

Clear Your Name with Help from a Bakersfield Criminal Defense Lawyer

Certain crimes, such as felony sex crimes or capital crimes are not eligible for expungement. If you are wondering whether you are eligible for expungement, it will be crucial to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer who can determine which course of action can be taken to secure the best possible outcome for you. We believe that you deserve a second shot at life and we can work hard identify potential legal remedies for your situation.

If you wish to learn more about how our firm can be of assistance in sealing your criminal record from public view, contact our California expungement attorney at 661-322-5833 !