Speeding Tickets

Our Bakersfield Traffic Ticket Lawyer Has a 91% Dismissal Rate

At The Law Offices of Joe W. Whittington, our Bakersfield criminal defense attorneys proudly represent California drivers and commercial drivers. We have a 91% dismissal rate in achieving satisfactory results for clients who have been issued traffic tickets throughout California! We have secured complete case dismissals; reductions from misdemeanor offenses to infractions resulting in zero points on the drivers' records; and reductions of infractions with points to zero-point infractions.

Our California defense lawyers have always worked tirelessly to help drivers avoid problems with their insurance companies, with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and with law enforcement officers. Nearly every time, we have been able to defend clients' rights so that a speeding ticket infraction won't appear on a driving record, saving clients money and anxiety.

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You Have the Right to Fight a Speeding Ticket

If you have been pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer and have been issued a speeding ticket, know that you have the right to fight the ticket. Penalties for traffic tickets are generally uniform across the state of California. Whether you have been pulled over in Bakersfield or elsewhere in Southern California, the penalties will be the same.

Penalties for a California speeding ticket can include:

  • Points added to your driving record
  • Suspension, revocation, or cancellation of your drivers' license after two or more points
  • Increased insurance premiums due to points added to your driving record
  • Additional penalties in certain circumstances, such as for inexperienced drivers under the age of 21 years or commercial drivers

There is no such thing as a "small" or "minor" traffic infraction. We believe that our clients deserve the best possible representation to help them during the challenge of fighting a citation. You may assume that your speeding ticket will just be a minor point on your driving record. Soon your increased insurance premiums will prove otherwise. Additionally, any point on your driving record could disqualify you from getting a job or doing certain aspects of your job-related duties, especially for commercial drivers.

We Also Represent Commercial Truck Drivers

Were you pulled over for a speeding offense in Bakersfield or any other area in California? If so, do not hesitate to retain a California speeding ticket lawyer who has the skill, knowledge, and tenacity that is needed to fully protect your driving privileges. As a commercial driver or truck driver, it will be essential to seek representation during this time so that you do not have to worry about your job or professional license.

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