Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hanford

Criminal Allegations Require Experienced Representation

If you have been charged with a crime in the Hanford area, The Law Offices of Joe W. Whittington is ready to help you fight back. Whether you are facing charges in a drug case, sex crime, violent crime, DUI or theft crime, the quality of your defense counsel can make the difference between an acquittal and a conviction. For almost 20 years, our firm has served as defense counsel for those who have accused of a crime in the community of Hanford, CA. The first step is an analysis of the evidence that led to the charges filed against you.

We spend long hours seeking out the best arguments to present in court, and to challenge the prosecutor's case. Our painstaking work early in the process has led to well over 100 case dismissals. Find out what we can do for you – you can trust us to seek out any legal option that could help your defense case. We care about those we represent, and make ourselves available 24/7, whether the charges are related to drug crimes, assault and battery, DUI or other offense, including three strikes offenses. You cannot risk your freedom – call us at once if you have been arrested and charged, or are the target of a criminal investigation in the Hanford area.

Call an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Hanford

The criminal justice system is extremely harsh, and although you are innocent until proven guilty, you may feel that your case has no hope. In fact, there are many, many cases that have such serious flaws that our legal team could pursue a dismissal. The prosecutor is not going to inform you if the case against you is weak; it is our goal to prove your innocence, establish a high level of reasonable doubt that you are guilty, or to have the charges completely dismissed when possible. In some cases, it could be valuable to pursue a plea and get the charges or penalties reduced. You can trust our firm to explore the alternatives, work closely in collaboration with you, and to find any possible legal way to limit the damage to your life and freedom. Contact us so we can get to work on your defense.

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