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Charged in Lamont? Call The Law Offices of Joe W. Whittington.

When charges have been filed against you or a loved one, the first order of business is to get a Lamont criminal lawyer to protect you. Those who try to cooperate with law enforcement often discover that they have made the situation worse. You absolutely must exercise your right to remain silent, as well as your right to an attorney. Ensure you retain the services of a skilled and seasoned trial lawyer, as the outcome of your case will in large part be determined by the ability to successfully craft a defense case. At our firm, we are very proud to have achieved positive results in countless cases. We are tough, aggressive and ready to go to work for your defense.

Felony and Misdemeanor Charges in Lamont, CA

We defend against all types of criminal charges, including domestic violence, assault & battery, DUI, drug crimes and violent crimes, and also fight for our clients in traffic ticket cases. Are you concerned that you will lose your license due to DUI charges or too many points? We are the firm to call. Every detail of what happened is important. Police makes mistakes every day, but the prosecutor is not going to inform you about the weak points in the case against you – that is up to your own Lamont criminal lawyer. Any error in the case against you, such as a failure to adhere to correct procedure, rights violations, illegal police stop, irregularities in the arrest process, lab failures or other flaw in the case will be aggressively exploited for your defense.

The criminal justice system is extremely tough, and the prosecutor is backed up by the full force and resources provided by the state. You must have an aggressive defender that is equally determined to get results. Call our firm and discuss your case before it proceeds any further. The earlier our Lamont criminal lawyer gets involved in your defense, the better it could be for you. Could the charges against you be dismissed? Let us review and analyze the facts in your case. We have a real ability to identify the best strategy for the defense, and to implement it with professional skill. Contact us today.

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