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The Law Offices of Joe W. Whittington, one of the top law firms in the McFarland area, we have a reputation for providing exceptional defense against criminal charges. For almost 20 years, we have been defending the criminally accused. If you have been wrongfully accused of committing any crime, clearing your name is of vital importance. If you had some involvement, you have the right to an attorney and to a powerful defense. Whether you have been accused of assault and battery, DUI, domestic violence or any other criminal offense, our highly experienced and knowledgeable legal team will be dedicated to fighting for you and seeking a positive outcome. Criminal charges can greatly impact your future, leading to expensive fees, a criminal record and jail time. Contact our law firm today to arrange a free case evaluation. We will fully assess your case. If you were wrongfully charged with a criminal offense, you will be glad to have our expert legal representation behind you.

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Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious issue. The justice system functions to convict those who are charged with crimes unless you take action to establish that you are not the perpetrator or are a victim of a rights violation, you could face heavy consequences. Don't jeopardize your freedom; if you were wrongfully accused, or are ready to fight back, connect with our firm at once. Our highly experienced law firm has been representing those who have been wrongfully charged of criminal offenses for nearly 20 years. With a proven track record for having charges reduced and dismissed, you can be confident that everything possible will be done for you. Protect your rights and freedom. Contact us today to arrange a case consultation. We are ready to fight.

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*'Success' means that the original violation that the officer or district attorney charged our client with was dismissed. In many cases the charge(s) were dismissed altogether. In other cases our clients were found not guilty after trial. In other cases our clients pled to lesser offenses, usually with "0" point resolutions.

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