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Have you been charged with a crime in the Rosedale area? Whether it is a DUI, violent crime, sex crime, theft crime or white collar crime, if you have been wrongfully accused or want to reduce the damage to your life, freedom and future, it is time to get in touch with our firm, The Law Offices of Joe W. Whittington. We have served as counsel in misdemeanor and felony cases in the Rosedale area for almost 20 years. Our highly trained and experienced team has a reputation for success, and we have achieved well over 100 case dismissals.

When we represent you, we will be completely dedicated to having your charged dismissed or reduced, or achieving an acquittal at trial. Contact us to arrange a free case evaluation. We will get your defense case into motion immediately. The earlier we get to work on your defense, the more options could be open to you. Call immediately if you have been arrested and charged, or your family member has been picked up for a misdemeanor or felony offense.

Professional Defense Counsel for Criminal Charges in Rosedale

It happens more often than you might think; people are charged with criminal offenses who are completely innocent. If you are one of the many defendants who is facing charges that are undeserved, it is imperative that you call our firm without delay. A conviction of a criminal offense can lead to serious repercussions, including a permanent record, hefty fines and jail or prison time. If you have been criminally charged, and are innocent, you are still at risk of conviction if you are not represented well. We will fully assess your case and help protect your rights so that you don't fall victim to a miscarriage of justice. Don't jeopardize your record or your freedom; contact us today to arrange your evaluation and learn your rights. We are ready and waiting to help you fight for justice.

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